Are you ready for a Breathtaking Breakthrough?!

Get Ready for a Breathtaking Breakthrough!

Smiling GirlAt Breathaid™ we offer products that treat and prevent bad breath, helping you maintain optimum oral health.


So, if you been looking for a cure to your bad breath problem, you can be assured that our products will effectively treat and cure halitosis (bad breath).

In fact, all of our products are 100% guaranteed or your money back, and, when used as directed, will eliminate your bad breath by attacking your breath problem at the source, removing and/or killing the bacteria and fungus responsible.

We firmly believe that you cannot find a more cost-effective bad breath treatment system than our Breathaid Tongue Cleaner used in conjunction with our Closys Product line of oral hygiene products.

Do people tend to:

arrow Stand far away from you in conversation?
arrow Turn their heads away when you are speaking?
arrow Kiss you on the cheek (instead of the lips)?


If so, you may have bad breath (halitosis).

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What the Experts are Saying About Tongue CleaningTongue Scraping
Mouthwashes, mints, and chewing gum are only temporary cover-ups for bad breath
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Benefits of Tongue Scraping
arrowTreats mouth odors at their source
arrowImproves ability to taste
arrowReduces periodontal disease
arrowReduces tooth decay
arrow700% more effective than tongue brushing
arrowReduces bacteria that cause sore throats ("strep" bacteria)
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Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide
arrowEliminates halitosis (Bad Breath)
arrowKills bacteria & fungus on contact
arrowLow abrasion (toothpaste)
arrow Reduces gum bleeding & some gum pockets
arrowSpeeds wound healing
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